Frequently Asked Questions

“What are Modular Diners?”

Modular Diners are diners that are constructed off-site in a factory, and transported to your prepared site for installation.

“What are the advantages of Modular-built diners?”

The major advantages are: Rapid Construction; Fixed-Price; Factory-Controlled Construction; Totally-Integrated Construction; Use of Standard Building Materials; Relocatability; Durability; and a stunning, eye-catching Stainless Steel exterior.

“Can you see a difference between Modular and conventionally-built diners?”

In most cases it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between modular and conventional construction. You also save time because you can do your site work while the diner is being factory constructed.

“What about interior color choices?”

You can choose any color combination you desire for the interior. Most purchasers are very happy with the traditional 1950’s diner look of red seating and white counter and tabletops.

“What actually comes with my diner?”

Your diner comes with all cooking equipment, refrigeration, seating, air conditioning, heating, handicap coded bathrooms, interior electrical and plumbing, and finished interior/exterior. Your final plans will be complete and specific as to what is included in your diner before any construction is started.

“Will your diner meet my State’s building codes and local requirements?”

Yes. Before we start any construction we obtain State certification/State approval for the building plans for your diner. We use an independent third party inspection agency to get this certification. When completed the diner comes with your State’s certification and approval.

“What about placement?”

All Happy Days Diners include the placement of your diner from the delivery truck onto your prepared site.  You are responsible to bring all utilities to the site for the final hookups.

“How long does it take to get my diner?”

It takes approximately 90-120 days after we receive your order.